Featured Video: A Positive Experience for a Horse on the Road


How often do we get to report on positive interaction between riders and motorists on the road? Take a look at this helmet cam video out of Wales in which rider Erin Connor encountered a garbage truck while riding her 5-year-old horse, Patchy, on a narrow country road.

Patchy, like many horses, wasn’t too keen on passing a large vehicle so closely, but thanks to a thoughtful garbage collector who came armed with carrots and patience, Patchy now has a positive experience to remember the next time he’s out on the roads.

Horse Meets Garbage Truck

Horse and Hound reports that the considerate worker is John Shone.

“We were delighted to have this footage brought to our attention,” said Jim Espley of Denbighshire County Council. “John has shown a real act of kindness in this situation and we are delighted that it has generated such interest on social media.”

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  1. WOW that was awesomely nice of John to be armed with a carrot. And thanks to the person on foot to that helped lead the pony on his way.

  2. Kudos to everyone that helped this young horse and rider past that garbage truck. Did notice that even after the carrot from John, he was still fighting it a bit, till the hand walker moved in between the pony and truck, then he felt out of danger.

  3. That is really nice that those people were there and able to help along with the nice man on the garbage truck with the carrot.


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