Featured Video: A Refreshing Swim


Some fun winter activities with horses include: sticking your hands in between their shoulder and their blanket until feeling returns to your frozen fingers; wrapping yourself up in a wool cooler and watching the horses in the snow from the tack room window; going indoors and standing in front of the heater drinking hot chocolate after finishing your barn chores. But if that’s not your thing, how about swimming in the lake?

Trainer Stacy Westfall and her horses were visiting Stacy’s hometown of South China, Maine this month. Winter comes early in central Maine, so it was sure to be chilly during a scheduled Nov. 5 photo shoot, just a couple of days after the first snow storm of the year. But that didn’t stop Stacy from letting her horse, Newt, take his first swim in the lake. Looks like they had fun (and in her blog, Stacy explains that they didn’t stay in very long, and warm coolers were ready for him when they reached the shore.) Now, about that hot chocolate…


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