Video of the Week: Alternate Uses for Helmets


In celebration of Helmet Awareness Week, sponsored by Riders4Helmets and Charles Owen at this weekend’s HITS on the Hudson horse show in New York, we’re showcasing this video from our clever friends at SmartPak. Who knew equestrian helmets could be so versatile?

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  1. Quite amusing! I have a time convincing my son to wear his helmet. If he saw this he would try to show me ways he could use his helmet to get out of wearing it. LOL.

  2. I like the part of standing on your head. I have used my helmet to care feed in, and even fed my horse out of it. Course I had to wash it then.

  3. These videos are great. Especially the “Farrier Comments” and the one about helmets.
    The script and a ting is very good.


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