Featured Video: And Now Here’s a Horse Wearing a Three-Piece Suit


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Morestead in his three-piece suit? Photo via Gloucestershire

Ladies, you love a well-dressed man, right? Well, what about a well-dressed horse? Morestead, a veteran racehorse, has donned a three-piece tweed suit, including shirt and tie. He’s even wearing a flat cap. As impressively dapper as he looks, Morestead isn’t dressed like this just to please his admirers.

The outfit, commissioned by William Hill, was designed by Emma Sandham-King. “Creating the world’s first tweed suit for a horse has been one of the biggest challenges that I have faced in my career as a designer. We have used 18 meters of genuine Harris Tweed to create the head turning fashion garment,” Sandham-King said in a statement, Mashable reports.

Morestead’s suit was unveiled by 20-time racing champion Sir Anthony McCoy in the video below in celebration of this year’s Cheltenham Festival, a racing event possibly known as much for its tweed as it is for its horses. What better way to celebrate than to combine the two?

Check out Morestead in his tweed suit:


  1. WEll this is for a gelding or manly stud horse, what have we made for the filly that just came into the barn? How about an evening dress next?


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