Featured Video: Baby Goat Climbs Horse


This week, we’re bringing back a classic: Cleo and Blaze. Cleo is determined to conquer Mt. Blaze. Blaze is either the world’s most tolerant horse, or he’s enjoying a relaxing chiropractic treatment from Dr. Cleo. It’s another great example of symbiosis in the animal kingdom.


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  1. It is a real treat to see two quite different animals get along so well. The horse is surely a very tolerant soul. The goat is adorable.

  2. How sweeeeeeetttttt!!!! What a calm horse. I know mine would never put up with that. My horse is a little crazy!

  3. That horse was sooo laid back!!!! I think that goat thought that the horse was his mom. If i were were that horse i would have told him to get off my back! SOOO CUTE!

  4. That is amazing. We have a friend who has a cat that sleeps on their horses and goes on rides. I think horses just loves the company. that is my favorite kind of horse.

  5. omg this is the cutest thing ever! my favourit part iz when the goat is trying to lay down but keeps slipping off 🙂

  6. funny i wander what the gaot was thinking?????? if a goat got my horse she would freak out!!!!!!!!!!!! she wouldnt know what to think about that!!!!

  7. Very cute! That is one very good horse, lot’s of patience for a little one climbing all over it. Would love to own that horse, great personality!

  8. So cute!! I have watched this movie clip before but I love watching it again and again! I think that if we kept our horses with our goats that I could see our goats doing this, too! haha!


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