Featured Video: Barrel Racing Draft Horses


There’s a reason barrel racers tend to prefer small, agile stock-type horses for their sport. Barrel horses need explosive speed along with the ability to dig in and turn sharply around the barrels. When you see three barrels set up in the pen, you expect to see a stout Quarter Horse or Appaloosa or maybe a Mustang come running through the gate.

At the 2013 Georgia National Fair, the participants in this barrel race weren’t short or speedy, but they do look impressive out there. Props to the riders of these gorgeous (and confused) draft horses for trying something different with their impressive mounts.

Draft Horse Barrel Racing

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  1. Have to admit, no one took a barrel down. I would have loved to however seen more riding helmets being worn. But it was fun to watch and a great experience for them I bet.

  2. the problem is not the fact these horses are big. its a training issue. when u first tryed dancing did u know how to dance first off?or did u look clumsy?…..

  3. This is great. I have always ridden drafts or draft crosses and they are amazing animals. And the draft crosses will give most purebreds a run for their money with speed. If these big boys had the training that regular sized barrel racing horses get, they’d be amazing. Of course, they already are amazing. The fact that they and their riders participated is fantastic. Well done!

  4. Cute competition. Obviously the horses could have done a lot better if they’d had professional riders and had been trained. I ride draughts and they would have torn around that course! Well, not at quarter horse speed but they would have tried their best and they would have galloped!
    The second percheron was great and I loved the shire! The last percheron was really cute. He/she was being so serious and careful!

  5. Nice to other riders with other breeds try something new. It might not have been the fastest, but they all had fun! And isn’t that what riding is all about, fun!


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