Featured Video: Batu the Przewalski’s Horse is Having a Ball

A foal from an endangered breed of horse enjoys his playtime in this video from the Denver Zoo.


We all probably had a favorite toy as children. Perhaps it was a doll or a truck or maybe Legos. For Batu, 3-month-old Przewalski’s horse living at the Denver Zoo, that favorite toy is a big, green ball.

Zoo staff knows (and we know) that that ball is great for Batu’s enrichment; it helps him with exercise, running, rearing and manipulating objects, as the YouTube description reminds us. But for Batu it’s all about having some fun with a ball.


Besides being adorably playful, Batu is an important member of the equine world. Przewalski’s horses, a prehistoric-type equine native to Central Asia, were once completely extinct in the wild. However, through captive breeding in zoos around the world and careful reintroduction back into the wild, this unique and beautiful species is on the rebound. Read more about it here.


  1. Oh she’s so cute and adorable. Something how none of the others even want to go near the ball or play with it. It’s like they know it’s her baby toy!


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