Featured Video: Behind Every Great Horse

A look at what it takes to make a great racehorse, courtesy of one 60-second Guinness ad.


Behind every great horse is a team,” says a dramatic Irish voiceover. “A team committed to going the extra mile not some of the time, but each and every time.”

Behind Every Great Horse

He’s talking about racehorses, but the sentiment certainly rings true for all segments of the equine industry. After all, any great trail horse, therapy animal or show ring superstar requires someone to take on the role of caretaker, groom, trainer, farrier, vet, and so much more.


This ad for Guinness is being released ahead of the Galway Races Festival, an event for which the iconic beer company has been a sponsor for 51 years. Get yourself a pint (of whatever you like) and enjoy a bit of equine eye candy, fresh from Ireland.

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  1. The history is great! But why do you have to race two year olds! That means they are started as long yearlings! I’m not a fan of racing by no means!

  2. Nice to see you showing the entire works of what goes on to prep and train these young athletes! And yes, I too agree with the young lady below, spot on Alica, why do they have to race two year olds!


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