Featured Video: Birthday Surprise


A Birthday SurpriseFor countless horse-crazy kids, the top item on the birthday wish list is a horse of their own. Once in a while, one of those lucky kids gets to live the dream.

According to this video’s description, birthday girl Mallory had been working at a local stable. The owners were impressed by her dedication, and decided to surprise her on her 10th birthday with Cinder Ella, a Haflinger at the farm. Cinder Ella was brought out to try on one of Mallory’s other presents–a new halter–and so she could be there when Mallory figured out what the registration papers in the giftwrapped box truly meant.


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  1. OMG, Mallory, I’m crying right along with you. How awesome is that…. she is lovely, enjoy, oh, I forgot, Happy Birthday, Love Donna Lee

  2. I Was crying when I first got my horse! I was also 10. Kidd was the BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! Congratulations Malory! 🙂

  3. You are SO lucky! I’m getting my first horse for my 13th b-day (in may) and I can’t wait to find that special one! Good luck with Cinder Ella!!!


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