Arabian Horse and Camel in a Pas de Deux


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  1. oh my gosh! i want to know how they even got the inkling to do dressage with their camel. like was the rider the bottom of the barn’s pecking order or what? lol, so everyone was probably riding the arabians and the person looks at the camel and just thinks “well… we could probably do that!” just kidding, that’s just awesome

  2. Okay, now that was awesome! I’ve never seen a camel do Dressage! Sometimes watching Dressage is boring for me, even though it is beautiful. This was REALLY cool!

  3. Totally AWSOME! I’ve ridden a few who felt something like that camel but never got their changes quite that good! Unlimited congrats to that rider!

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  5. WOW, he’s got some great moves and what collection going on! I knew camels were smart, but not that smart! Was I wrong! Loved it!


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