1. OMG……. this is to funny the song makes it even funnier hahaha i am laughing my head off…..hahahahaha i even sent this video to my cousin

  2. I am Ashley i am 13 years old and i have to tell you something everyone well i had a horse named Red and a cat named Sassy i had got Red when i was 9 or 10 but he past on recently so did Sassy well any way i saddled up my horse and when red had got tired of riding i rode him to the horse tank and he got a drink and Sassy just meowed and i went to the red brick wall and sassy just hopped right up there and sassy just jumped on the saddle and that cat just loved to ride horses but then like i said they past away but i have 2 new horses to mess with Jet & Kid they are both half brother & half sister. love, Ashley


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