Featured Video: Chromie is My Homie


On Saturday, California Chrome will either become a legend in modern Thoroughbred racing by winning the Belmont Stakes and becoming the first horse since 1978 to win the Triple Crown, or he’ll join the long list of those who tried, but didn’t quite make it. While a mainstream shoe company is sponsoring Chrome’s Triple Crown effort with the aim of getting their brand in front of the—ahem—mature horse racing audience, America’s Best Racing is looking at this potentially historic moment differently. They’ve recruited a group of kids to perform a hip hop tribute to Chrome, and, well, see for yourselves.


Produced by: Kid Blink Productions (info@kidblinkproductions.com)
Music by: Maksym Beats–Young Kings (@MaksymBeats)
Words by: Bradley Hasemeyer (@BHasemeyer)

Emma Yang
Leilani Zepeda
Miana Abramson
Major Tatum
Ryan Maw

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