Featured Video: Clydesdale Shopping Assistant


A disclaimer: This is not THE ad. Not the big Super Bowl ad that will be coming our way sometime next week. The one we already know is going to aim for our tear ducts with surgical precision.

Before the Clydesdales and their Lost Dog make us cry, Budweiser has used one of their iconic horses to make us laugh a little. In this spot, one of the imposing equines offers some silent but effective advice to a beer buyer at the supermarket.


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  1. I absolutely love it…..ALL OF THEM. They are the best commercials ever and they should have won the awards. That is the only reason I watch the Super Bowl unless Dallas is playing. Can’t

  2. Love all the Bud commercials. This was good BUT if the horse had his ears pinned when the guy picked up the pink beer……would have been more effective. Then when the guy puts it back and picks up the BUD beer, the horse can stand his ears UP and nod up and down. Overall it was good to see anyway. LOL LOVE those Budweiser horses!

  3. Love the Bud commercials. Only the horse could have shown a little more expression! Like no for the brand X and a happy face with head nods for the Bud!


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