Video of the Week: Don’t Touch the Ground!

Sometimes you let gravity take over. Other times, you fight the fall. This video shows an extreme example of the latter option.


Things were going pretty well for eventer Rick Wallace and his horse, Ultimate Decision at the Chattahoochee Hills Summer Series earlier this month. But then an awkward take off unseated him. A fall would mean disqualification, and Rick did everything in his power to prevent that from happening. Watch the video below to see how it goes. The fight against gravity begins around 0:50.



  1. that is a great video, laughed so hard it brought tears to me eyes! What a calm horse through all that, mine would not have been. Great effort to get back in saddle.

  2. A valiant effort, but why put your (blessedly patient) horse through that? (Gee, doc, no, I can’t imagine why my horse has a neck strain!)

  3. Nice try, and I understand that fall of horse and or rider is a DQ! But why would you chance hurting your horses withers, neck and poll trying to up-right yourself. Shame on you.


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