Dressage Horse Humor

A commercial for a Dutch insurance company provides a valuable lesson for horse shoppers.


A good reminder for anyone out there horse shopping: Always make sure you’re buying a horse that’s right for the job you want him to do.

This 2003 commercial for Dutch insurance company Apeldoorn remains a favorite among horse lovers worldwide. The slogan at the end translates to “Just Call Apeldoorn.”

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  1. at first when i saw the horse one it was not a racer then when the horse was prancing i bursted out laughting!! in fact i still can t stop!! it was just to funny!!! XD

  2. They got the wrong horse!!! Haha!! There’s nothing more hilarious than seeing a dressage horse ( or whatever ) mistaken for a race horse!! The Vinnie’s face was priceless! 😀


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