Video of the Week: Friesian Colt Plays Soccer


Argent the Friesian colt is an athlete with big things in his future. Perhaps he’ll be a dressage star, but if he had his way, he’d probably rather be out on the soccer field. Watch as he shows off his determination, endurance and raw talent in this video of his self-guided soccer practice at Legacy Friesians in Oregon.


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  1. He is just having himself a BALL! No pun intended! I have one for my guys, they love to play with it also. Even my donkey gets a kick out of it! Loved this video of this cute baby!

  2. So cute! When I get my own horse, I will make sure he/she will have lots of stuff to play with. Your colt should try for the olimpic soccer team! 😉

  3. This guy would make a great cutting horse. He shows his intelligence as he learns to work the ball. It also shows how much colts need to play to learn how to move well.

  4. This video is absolutely superb. The young colt has great talent with the ball! Fabulous!
    He may be the Totilas of the future.
    Thank you.


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