Featured Video: Help Hunny Get to Europe


PVF Peace of Mind is a force to be reckoned with in the sport of combined driving. With her owner/driver, Suzy Stafford, the 9-year-old Morgan mare known as Hunny has been at the top of the sport nationally. She was even voted 2015 USEF International Horse of the Year. Now, Suzy and Hunny have their sights set on representing the United States at the FEI World Single Driving Championships in Austria.

Competing internationally is expensive, and combined driving tends to be somewhat below the radar compared with the Olympic equestrian disciplines when it comes to getting financial backing from traditional sources. But that’s not stopping Suzy and Hunny. In fact, they’re appealing to the starmaker herself, Ellen Degeneres, in hopes of getting a little bit of the spotlight that could help them make the trip a reality.

Good luck, girls! We’re cheering for you. (Want to help? Visit StaffordCarriageDriving.com).

PVF Peace of Mind


  1. Just had time finally to watch the second video you have up, just a gorgeous horse and beautiful mover! Lots of Luck!

  2. WOW, that back rider on the cart has a heck of a job too! But I’m very jealous of Hunny having a nicer and better TV than I do! LOL!


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