Featured Video: Horse as Water


Today’s featured video is a two-for-one. First, watch this oddly dramatic, yet beautiful ad from Luxembourg water company Rosport. Click the icon on the lower right-hand corner of the video player to go full screen for the full, cinematic experience.

Thirsty yet?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how they did it. You’ll see how the equine actors were transported to the various locations (some real, some computer-generated, some a hybrid of the two) to create this ad.


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  1. The ice was part of one of the computer-generated landscapes. The horse was filmed in the studio and the ice was added in later. Pretty impressive!

  2. I too freaked out when the horse went through the ice, but watched to the end, and then the trailer below it on how it was made! Very good camera work and computer digitizing!

  3. This was intense! To say the least! But you have to finish watching it and then watch the trailer on how it all came about! Super!


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