Featured Video: Horse Boarding is the Latest Equine Sport


There are all kinds of cool things we can do with horses that probably resulted in puzzling looks when they were first introduced. Does skijoring come to mind? Now there’s another one and it looks awesome.

The phrase “horse boarding” usually describes what horse owners do when they don’t have a farm of their own to house their equine friends. But it’s also the name of a water sport that combines horseback riding – which we all love – with wakeboarding, which well, some of us probably love. Even if the wakeboarding part isn’t your thing, you can probably find a friend or relative willing to take on that role while you’re in the saddle riding your horse.

Horse Boarding
Horse boarding looks like it’s a pretty fun sport for both the horses and the participants. Photo via YouTube

The first World Cup of Horse Boarding took place in Ijmuiden, Holland earlier this month and we think it’ll catch on around the world soon. What do you think? Would you horse board?

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