Featured Video: Horse Fastest at Walking 10 Meters on Hind Legs, Awarded Guinness World Record


Desert Kismet is 16 years old and had never been ridden before being given to H. H. Sheikha Maryam bint Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum last year. Under the training of Rui De Sousa, this gray Arabian gelding from UAE has learned to walk on his hind legs. And not only that, but he’s learned to walk fast on just his hind legs. In fact, he’s done so for 10 meters in just 9.21 seconds. This feat earned him the Guinness World Records award for Fastest 10 M on Hind Legs by a Horse. Watch the video above to see him in action.

Here’s what we want to know: How many other horses were in contention for this very specific world record? In any case, congrats, Desert!




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