Featured Video: Horse Really Wants to Share His Hay


Have you ever been out to dinner with your friends and had such a delicious dish that you just can’t keep it all for yourself?

“You HAVE to try this!” you tell your friends, sliding your plate across the table.

I think that’s what’s happening here. This gregarious chestnut has just tucked in to his morning hay and discovers it’s the best hay he’s ever eaten. He has to tell someone about it, but his bestie is out with her human. When he spots her across the field, he grabs a big mouthful and takes it over so someone can experience just how great today’s hay is.

Or maybe they hay wasn’t the source of excitement. Maybe the friend was. Ol’ Chestnut was just settling in for breakfast when he spotted her across the field, and in his excitement couldn’t be bothered to finish the enormous mouthful he’d just grabbed.

Either way, the result is this video of a very enthusiastic horse bringing a bouquet of hay to his friend, and they share it happily in a way that most horses just don’t.

What do you think the story is here? Tell us in the comments.

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