Featured Video: Horse Rides Shotgun in Little Blue Car


When your destination is too far to ride to and you don’t have a trailer available, how do you get your horse from one place to another? Put him in your car, of course. OK, so that’s probably not the most logical move that any of us would think of. There is no way a horse would fit in my car and I doubt one would ride in the back of a pickup (though the image of both of these scenarios is a little amusing).

Nevertheless, someone has done it. A man is driving a horse down the street in his little blue car. It is unclear what country this is, but the car looks only slightly bigger (if not the same size) as a Mini Cooper. It appears as though the horse is sitting in the backseat, with the front seat folded forward, but his head is sticking out the window and–while we do not condone this mode of horse transportation–he seems to be enjoying the ride.

Where is he going? And why is he wearing a bridle? We’ll probably never know. Safe travels, mystery horse.


  1. looks like a miniature horse like mine, or a fallabella, or possibly a Shetland, though not likely because of the size. 🙂

  2. I can just see my mini hoping in to the car along with our dogs, if we would let her. She plays with the dogs, and even sleeps in the giant house with them.

  3. I know people that get their miniature horses to the horse show that way! The minis just jump right in like its a trailer!

  4. Your question is how can he fit in there. Simple, he’s a mini and the back seat and the passenger’s seat has been removed, so plenty of room. Enters through the hatch back!


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