Featured Video: Horse vs. Zombies


Zombie Killer
If popular culture is any indication, zombies are the most serious, imminent threat to our society. When the virus breaks out, you want to be prepared. Be ready to barricade your home so that the roaming horde can’t break in. Stockpile lots of non-perishable foods in a secret location where they won’t be found by hostile gangs of survivors. And most importantly, train your horse to aim for the head.

This week, trainer Sarah and her attack horse Uther show us how to prepare using clicker training techniques. Enjoy, and stay safe out there.


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  1. I loved it. Great last thing to watch before I head to bed. Got to teach my horse this. I bet he’s love it.
    I was kind of hoping to see some horse vs zombie action though…

  2. Great entertainment! Kudos to this trainer! I had only thought of using my horse in the zombie apocalypse as a get away plan! 🙂


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