Video of the Week: Houdini Horse


You can try to keep Mariska locked up, but this free spirit won’t let doors stand in the way of what she wants. Whether it’s freedom, companionship or a snack she desires, she’ll find a way to get it. To a horse like Mariska, latches and locks on doors aren’t deterrents; they’re fun puzzles that she can solve in order to get the prize on the other side.


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  1. Boy, what a job of having to keep that one in. Too smart for her own good. I would worry about her getting into the feed, which would not be a good thing. Fun to watch, specially when she opened all the other horses stalls to let them out. Such a beautiful girl, she is.

  2. Very smart, but to smart for her own good. Getting into that feed room is scary to say the least! But if you can’t get the horses out fast enough, just enlist her help! LOL!

  3. That can be useful, like in a fire, they can escape immediately. But, it can be dangerous, like she can over eat with the food she eats when she gets out. Have you considered getting a new lock or a kick bolt?

  4. The owner better keep grains under lock and key. She is way toooooo smart of a horse. Sort of cute how she lets the others out.

  5. Almost looks like you would have trained her to do that, but I totally enjoyed watching it!!! Too funny. She reminds me of the little gray pony in BLACK BEAUTY that lets all the horses out except Black Beauty 🙂 Hysterical!

  6. Wow, I have a dog that does this. We have to put a leash on her cage door so that she will not get out. My horse is very sly with gates, bu when it comes to bungee chords, she can’t figure it out. She is still working on the stall lock, thank goodness. Thank you for submitting this and try bungee chords, you never know, they might work. :-]
    Ps. Come visit me!

  7. Very smart, but very dangerous at the same time. On the first set of doors, there’s a bolt across the bottom, use it! On the second set, put the drop down grill up! And by all means, please lock the feed bin! Hope she never figures out the way to the roads!


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