Video of the Week: How Horses Eat

A dramatic interpretation about the different equine eating styles from Evention TV.


Each horse has his own mealtime personality. There are the classic eager eaters who can barely contain their excitement when they hear the grain room door open. There are the greedy types who insist on taking possession of every morsel of food in sight. And there are the passive ones who would rather just wait for the scraps than start something.

Jimmie and Dom Schramm, the creative geniuses behind Evention TV, provide a unique overview of equine dining habits in this week’s video. Which one describes your horse?



  1. This was a great video, I have seen several of Jimmy and Dom’s vids, I especially like their training videos, they make it fun and easy to understand.

  2. Oh the truth comes out! I’ve seen them all in person! Like someone never fed them, then there’s the ones that take all morning to finish a scoop of grain. LOL!


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