How much does a Clydesdale eat?


The Budweiser Clydesdales are a celebrated American icon, appearing at parades and events around the country. What does it take to keep those horses fueled up? When the Clydesdales spent a layover at a boarding stable in St. Louis, one enterprising boarder set up a GoPro camera to record one of the big guys for the night, and then created this time lapse of how he spent his evening. Watch as he makes his big pile of hay disappear, gobbles up his grain (around 4:30), gets visited by a bird friend a few times, and keeps the barn workers busy.


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  1. He looks like such a gentleman šŸ™‚ Mine would have his food -everywhere- in seconds and then act like it had all disappeared.

  2. Is this poor horse cooped up in this small space all day? Seems it would drive him mad…I love Clydesdales….don’t like the idea of imprisonment for cool bud ads….

  3. Oops! Read the story after my comment…Well if it was overnight, that’s not so bad….assuming a nice stretch in a pasture or the like come sunrise…

  4. Only thing I’m trying to figure out is that all night long we saw him go and drink a lot, but I’m not sure if he ever peed! And why the nervous tail twitching so much when it looked like he was trying to rest, and constantly shifting of the hind legs.


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