Video of the Week: Journey to the Super Bowl

Watch the amazing work that went on behind the scenes to train the Budweiser Clydesdales for their famous Super Bowl commercials.


Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday in the United States. Even if you’re not a football fan, who wouldn’t want to spend a winter evening inside a warm living room surrounded by friends and snack foods? More importantly, the commercial breaks that would normally be an annoyance are practically the main event during this annual broadcast. And for our money, nothing is better than the creative spots starring the magnificent Budweiser Clydesdales.

The video above shows some great behind-the-scenes footage from some past Budweiser commercials. It’s a bit longer than our usual Videos of the Week, but trust us: you’ll want to watch the whole thing. Thanks to Turtle Ranch for sharing this fun video with the world.

The Clydesdales’ inclusion in Anheuser-Busch’s ad lineups were called into question back in 2010 after the company was purchased by InBev and the existing advertising strategy was re-examined. However, the fans have spoken and the horses will still have their time to shine. According to Anheuser-Busch’s website:

The iconic Budweiser Clydesdales will also appear in a new 60-second spot, “Brotherhood,” which chronicles the bond a Clydesdale foal shares with his trainer. Partially shot at Warm Springs Ranch, a 300-plus acre farm near Boonville, Mo., home to many of the Clydesdales, “Brotherhood” will take the Clydesdales advertising into new territory by providing a new level of access to their early years.

Watch the Budweiser Clydesdales 2013 Super Bowl commercial, Brotherhood, here.

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  1. Such a great video clip. Wonderful horses and such a great trainer. Love the little one pulling the wagon, with the huge collar on.
    Can not wait to see it, either.

  2. love the Clydesdales can’t imagine Budweiser using anything other than the horses although I also liked the frogs back in the 90’s

  3. Love It!!
    I hope I get to see the whole thing, come Super Bowl Day. I got a kick out of the little lamb and the dog, plus the long horn steer that jumped.

  4. Thank You so much for including that video of the Clydesdales. It is better than the Super Bowl. I would like some info on their training metods. I feel like a real loser watching what they can do.

  5. The Clydesdales are the reason I drink Budweiser. Why not support a company that promotes and supports such a beautiful intelligent breed.

  6. Amazing training techniques and beautiful to view. As a child, a couple of my horses knew a few tricks and I knew they were capable of so much and you prove it yearly. Thank you for making it public for all to enjoy.

  7. absolutely amazing! awesome! I have always been intrigued by the smart gentle giants. this proves horses, are smart and can be trained to anything within their means. I have the utmost love and respect for all equine. you show them and they will show you the same back.

  8. All these horses can do… all the training and time involved… is awesome to see these magnificent animals in action and know what it really takes to make one commercial!!!

  9. This is wonderful! I geared up when I recognized segments from commercials I had loved from previous years. I am amazed at the things that they can do. I never imagined a Clydesdale could jump a fence.

  10. Great video behind the scenes training these giant animals. My great-grandfather brought Percherons to Okla. early 1900 hundreds. He had a national grand champion stallion, named Enos. Must be where my love of horses came from. Love seeing the beautiful horses.

  11. Great video, wonderful trainers and superb horses. Please can we STOP docking the Clydesdales tails? Think how beautiful they would look with full tails and for work in harness they could be done up tidily without docking. Docking is for LIFE. Never again can the horse have use of his tail.

  12. They have to be the best loved horses in the world. They are the most spectacular boys I’ve ever seen. I’d give my eye teeth to be able to ride one. Hope we see you at the Calgary Stampede this year. Love to the boys and you trainers.

  13. Magnificent animals! I have admired these horses all my life. When I was little a local farmer owned a pair of them. Every Saturday night during the summer the farmer hitched up the horses and went up and down the road giving us a hayride. My mother would have us dressed in our pajamas at 6pm and we would wait to be picked up and dropped off on the way back. My best childhood memory!

  14. Absolutely fantastic animals! Years ago my family was very involved with El Paso (Texas) Stock Show & Rodeo. Kids showing 4H/FFA animals, adults helping with all the work involed in stock shows & rodeos. Clydesdales were there to participate in the rodeo. Between events & when kids & horses weren’t performing/working, our kids & several others were allowed to ride one of the horses. About 5-6 kids “fit” on one horse. You can’t believe how big they are nor can you believe how gentle. Truly amazing animals. They are the primary reason we watch the SuperBowl. Such great ads.

  15. Love my big percheron gelding, and love these big boys! They are the only reason I watch the superbowl every year!
    It is like riding a big, smooth couch! and the canter is like a freight train coming down the trail!

  16. This video is amazing! What beautiful creatures. I absolutely love the commercials on TV. I hope Budweiser doesn’t stop making those emotion tugging commercials with the puppies. Fantastic!!!


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