Featured Video: Man Travels on Horseback Through the Snow So He Can Teach a Class


Anyone with a job has to commute, whether it’s walking from the bedroom to the in-home office or driving for an hour in traffic. Some take the train or ride their bike. Others, such as Kanesh Shorukov, a teacher in northern Kyrgyzstan, ride their horses.

And Shorukov doesn’t just ride his horse down the road. He gets up before the sun comes out and travels a little over six miles on horseback to teach his class. Did we mention he does this in the snow?

The trek to and from the school takes Shorukov three to four hours each day and he’s paid $115 per month. Why does he do it? To show his students that a bit of difficulty shouldn’t discourage them from doing important work. “Our main goal is to raise children by setting an example for them,” he says in the video.

That’s quite an example.



  1. Kudos to this teacher! I have a neighbor who’s kid won’t walk 250 feet to the school bus if the temp is below 60 degrees! KIDS!

  2. Dedication that’s for sure! Great Man and Teacher! Agree with below comment, kids now a days are so lazy! And Rude!

  3. Just had to watch this again, needed to cool off! With a heat index of over 100, needed some cooler weather and snow! What a great way to cool down, watching a horse travel in the snow county!


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