Featured Video: Mini Horse Needs a Friend


Mini Face
It’s hard being the new kid at school, especially when you’re different from the other kids, and the Mini Horse who stars in this Amazon Prime ad from the UK knows firsthand. When he shows up at a farm full of full-sized horses and tries to make friends, it just doesn’t work out.

Now, you can’t buy tolerance or friendship from Amazon Prime, or maybe these big horses would have learned how to accept their new diminutive herdmate. You also can’t buy a Mini Horse, which would have been my solution. But you can buy a way to make sure the little guy finds some companionship when he needs it. Take a look.


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  1. AWH he’s so cute, those big nasty big boys! Shame on you! Glad his new mom figured out a way to make him happy! Yep house love for sure!


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