Featured Video: Mini Horses Playing in the Snow

A herd of Miniature Horses are here to remind us that winter can actually be fun.



Regardless of what the weather looks like in your neck of the woods right now, facts are facts: The first day of spring 2017 is on Monday, March 20. That’s right, even if you’re looking at snow in the forecast over the weekend, the vernal equinox is just a few days away. Green grass. New foals. Email reminders about the closing date for your first show of the season. It’s all right here.

So let’s give winter a final shout out. It’s cold. No one likes chipping ice out of frozen buckets. All that snow is going to make a muddy mess when it finally melts. But you know what? Sometimes winter is kinda fun. This small herd of small horses reminds us just how much fun it can be in this video from February 2015. It looks to be about knee-deep to a Mini Horse in parts of this snowy paddock, but that’s not stopping these guys from reaching their top speeds as they chase each other through the drifts.

Mini Horses in the Snow


The idyllic Norwegian backdrop of snow-covered conifers on a mountainside along with all the fun happening in the foreground almost makes us wish winter would never end.


Okay, not at all. Those horses sure are cute, though.


  1. A true winter wonderland! Just so playful those little ones! But I think we’re all ready for the summer and green grass now!

  2. Pretty, but it’s sure nice to look outside now and see green grass and trees starting to bud! But those mini’s are just the cutest!

  3. Thought it’d be great to watch this again to cool off in the snow after now our 4th day of 90 + degree days! They are just so cute!


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