Featured Video: Moose Encounter


According to Facebook’s translation of the Norwegian description of this video, it says:

The king of the forest was in a bad mood today and made sure we had to take a detour home.

Which means they made it home. So that’s good.

Moose on the Trail

Are you supposed to turn and run when a moose is coming toward you? According to this article from the Appalachian Mountain Club, here’s what you should do if you encounter a moose on the trail.

  1. Keep your distance. If you stay far enough away and stand still, the moose will most likely wander off on its way. If the moose seems agitated by your presence, you’re too close.
  2. Keep keeping your distance. If the moose starts to walk toward you, the AMC says to back away, and if it charges, run. If you’re on horseback, it’s probably better to start with the turning and leaving the scene rather than asking your already nervous horse to back down the trail. On the plus side, your horse has a better chance of outrunning a moose than a hiker on foot. Generally, moose will only chase you until you’re out of their immediate area, then they’ll back off.
  3. Avoid confrontation. If a moose is calmly hanging out on the trail, don’t try to go around or scare it off. You either have to wait it out or find a new path. Respect the moose.

I feel like we’ve all learned something today.

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  1. I think this is worse than the bear I encountered years ago! My mare stopped and I was like, what’s your problem. Then I saw it, a big black bear! We turned tail and ran the trail out of there!

  2. A number of years ago I watched an interview of a woman (I think it was Susan Butcher) who won the Iditarod and was asked what animal do you least want to see on the trail? Without hesitation she said “moose.” They will trample the dogs and are totally unpredictable.

  3. Moose are very protective and if she had a calf newby, look out! Encountered one on the Alta Shoots cross county skiing in WY, very scary!

  4. Oh yeah, turn tail and get out of town. Don’t know if a horse can out run a moose or not. But I’d opt for a fast turnaround to put some distance between us!


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