Featured Video: Mr. G. and Jellybean


Mr. G. is a goat who
was recently rescued from a hoarding situation in California. Among
the other animals seized during that rescue was Mr. G.’s friend, a
burro named Jellybean. At the time of the rescue operation, no one
realized just how bonded this interspecies pair was. Over the next
week, Mr. G. wouldn’t eat. He wouldn’t play or even leave his stall.
There wasn’t anything physically wrong with him, but he was clearly

So his rescuers
decided to try something drastic.

One volunteer took
the 14-hour round trip to bring Jellybean to Mr. G.’s new home at
Animal Place in hopes that the reunion would bring back Mr. G.’s will
to live. Get the tissues, and watch what happened.

Thanks to
/First Spark Media for sharing this story.


Animal Place included this update on its website:

Instead of placing the two up for adoption, Animal Place welcomed Mr. G and Jellybean as permanent residents at our 600-acre Grass Valley sanctuary. Their story will live on, inspiring and teaching visitors about nonhuman emotions.

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  1. That is an amazing ansd powerful video. I can’t stop watching it. I love the way Mr. G keeps looking at Jellybean with that look of disbelief just like a human. I loved it!!!!

  2. Who ever said animals don’t have feelings is nuts! Yes they do. So glad that Mr. G and Jellybean have been reunited!


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