Featured Video: Nifty Noble


You may have seen this video already as it has scored over 60,000 views on YouTube in just a week. If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed by the cleverness and patience of a Swedish horse named Noblé.

Noblé doesn’t want to do anything wrong, but he also doesn’t want to stand around looking at the corner of his stall all day. Who can blame him? Fortunately for Noblé, he’s figured out a way to use the tools he has available to him to get what he wants. The video is a bit slow going at first, but at around 0:55 when someone closes Noblé’s door, you’ll see him get right to work. The methodical, patient way he goes about his trick is pretty amazing.

Make sure you watch through to the end to see how he attempts to hide the evidence of his antics.

Our in-house Swedish translator is on indefinite sabbatical, so we had to rely on Google translate, but according to that, the title of this video translates to “Nifty Noble,” a fitting title indeed.


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