Featured Video: Paso Fino Foal Shows Off Its Inherent Gait


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Paso Fino Trader on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

If you’re used to traditional trotting breeds, the first time you see a Paso Fino in action can be a bit jarring. The short, quick steps of its signature paso corto, paso largo and fino gaits are unlike anything else in the equine species. But this stylized gait comes naturally to them and it is this unique characteristic that makes them so interesting to watch. Take a look at this young foal demonstrating how this gait is a trait Pasos are born with. They’re almost dancer-like in their smooth, rhythmic steps; don’t you think? This video has even caught the attention of the non-horsey media, with sites like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post sharing it with their readers.

Have you seen a Paso Fino’s gait in person? To see more and learn about the Paso Fino gaits, watch this Horse Illustrated video.


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