Featured Video: Police Horses Do the Running Man Challenge


Horse Illustrated is proud to call Lexington, Kentucky, home. After all, it is the Horse Capital of the World, and not just because of the area’s Thoroughbred farms. We’ve got some of the world’s best sport horses, barns full of amazing show horses, countless wonderful pleasure horses, this guy, and a dedicated mounted police unit.

Obviously, police work is serious business, even when you’re working with horses. Every once in a while, the officers—human and equine—have to cut loose a little. And that’s where the #RunningManChallenge comes in. (Skip to around the 01:15 mark to see the horses, although we’ll warn you that by doing so you will miss the police dogs.)

Thanks for protecting and serving, Lex PD. And for helping to ensure that 1996’s underrated hit, “My Boo,” will be stuck in our heads for the next six months. Or at least until the next viral dance trend strikes.

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  1. Love it! Sometimes in this world of such, a little fun goes a long way to making the job a little less stressful for these fine men and women who protect us! And their fine mounts and K-9 partners!


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