Rider Jumps Without Stirrups


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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!
    That girl is an amazing rider!! She rode a whole course, fast, without her stirrups and i couldn’t have noticed a difference in her posture/seat at all!!!!
    She should become a professional rider.
    I hope i will be able to ride like that someday. 🙂

  2. wow that was amazing! she kept her balance, seat posture, heels.. everything. she even kept her horse calm while the irons hit the horses sides. kudoss to her!!

  3. Isn’t that just amazing? I know I couldn’t do that. How stressful would that be? She will probably be a very famous rider someday. She already is in my mind!

  4. Talk about balance!!! I wish i was as balanced… Her horse was probibily young she did a good job keeping control most of the ride…my horse has never acted like that with me on his back so i haven’t had that experiance (yet)LOL Good Job

  5. Thats was unreal!!!!!! I guve her props for finishing the round and without her stirrups. I have had some pretty bad falls myself so I know how Sam felt when Garcini charged out of the in gate. You have got some leg strength girl!!!!!

  6. That was awesome! My old riding school was super tough and made us ride/jump without stirrups all the time. Boy has that ever been helpful to me with my feisty horse!

  7. Kudos to her for having ridden w/ out stirrups! A lot of people find it hard to ride with no stirrups and they opt not to do it. I hope she placed well!

  8. that was some amazing riding…
    i had to go through that until my coach taught me to let go on my 4 year old and that actually works wonders!
    but again you have and amazing upper body and leg postion! great work on staying on through the course and working with what you had!

  9. This was at the bit Del Mar (San Diego, CA) horse show a couple of years ago. This is a youth rider from my friend’s show barn (she’s an assistant trainer, she doesn’t own the place) in San Juan Capistrano. I’ve actually met this girl. This was some really amazing riding, I just wish she hadn’t fallen off at the end -seeing her going into the wall like that just makes me cringe. I’m glad that this vid made the editor’s picks; it really shows what good training and a strong seat & leg can get you through.

  10. What was her horses name that she rode in that class? She looks like she knows that horse inside and out. Also, what was the riders name? If you go under horse breeds and then go under paints please keep looking until you see the name Tonka..his pic is of him going over a jump at the state horse show. Please leave your reply on their that way i won’t forget to go check right here. Thanks!

  11. that must of been scary 4 sam and her horse. I cant believe she held on after that bucking part. “Waaaaaaaaaaa” is what i would be saying when he was bucking me off.

  12. wow tht was amazing!!!it took me a minute to realize where you lost your irons…the bucks were nicely sat also!!!good job!!

  13. I HATE JUMPING!!!!! It threw you off!!! Me and
    Coco are soooooo much better than you at barrel
    racing!!!!!! I hate jumping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. wow nice job at keeping your seat during the bucking and issabell jumping is a lot different than jumping. and you ride western when you do barrels and then you also have to horn to hold onto if needed and the stirrups and much thicker so easier to keep you foot in!

  15. Yeah, I agree with Cathy! Who do you think you are Isaabelle! It requires a whole lot more of a skilled rider in english and jumping than it does in western! And just so you know, no one is going to care about how good you and your horse Coco when you act like a stuck up horse person that thinks she knows everything!

  16. I Disagree With “Someone” Theres Plenty Of Skill Involved With Western, English Is More Precise Is All, But You Have More Of A Chance Oh Having Your Horse Trip And Fall, Bucking, Or Rearing In Western, Theres More Speed Involved And More Danger Level. Don’t Get Me Wrong I Understand That In English Theres A Chance Of A Horse Refusing To Go Over The Jump, But In Western It Could Be Life Threatening If Your Horse Trips And Rolls Ontop Of You, Crushing Your Internal Organs. I’m Not Saying One Is Better Than The Other Or Anything But I Think More Risk And Skill Is Involved In Western. I Don’t Think Isabelle Has Any Right To Say That Though, You Don’t Have To Be A Stuck Up Rider, I’d Like To See You Handle A Horse Thats Rearing, And Bucking To See If You Could Hold On To Your Stirrups And Your Balance, Think Things Through With Your Little Brain Before You Open Your Mouth.
    <3 Grace

  17. I dissagree with Grace. There is waaay more of a chance in english riding getting hurt than there is western.
    1. Western people don’t wear helmets(english riders always do).
    2. There’s waaay more than just your horse refusing a fence and you flying over top of him. Just ask another english rider. Also, i own 2 horses of my own, i have been riding for 5 years i have ridden some of the most snotty misbehaved little ponies and horses…so i think i know a lot about horses.
    I don’t know what makes you think you can’t have your horse trip or fall on top of you when riding english! Actually, thats how my riding instructor’s brother got paralized for life. He was at a show and the horse goofed up over the jump and when they landed the horse fell down and landed on top of him(his name is Ralph Hill). He was on the United States Equestrian Team. And in jumping you have go through the course quite quickly because most of the time your being timed. And in cross-country is SUPER dangerous! You have to go at top speed around in open fields(where there could be pot holes and everything else!) and in woods. So please open your mouth unless you really know what your talking about(which in this case, you don’t).

  18. i’m gonna have to agree with someone. she is right. english is a lot more dangerous than western is. plus, she’s so totally right about western riders and not wearing helmets or vests when they ride..thats what drives me crazy about western riders..that and the fact that their a bunch of hicks.

  19. Western and english both have their pro’s/con’s, dificulty levels,etc. The horse doesn’t care! Your just prejudiced about your own disipline. “someone”- watch Craig Cameron and Julie Goodnight, stuff like that, and how much it matches up with english if applied properly. “grace”- watch Lynn Palm and people like that just like I told “someone” to do. Try out other disiplines for yourself! You will be suprised at what you find.

  20. Well, I say you did a very good job staying on with those HUGE bucks and rears!!! Great job. That last bucking moment was reasonable for you to fall off because you were smashed between a wall and a bucking horse. Good job!

  21. I think that western and english are both equally dangerous… I disagree with both of you. English is not all fast and jumping, and western is not all slow and pleasure-like… It all depends on what capapabilities you and your horse have together. It also depends on what discipline your doing… Think of english and western as categories and the discipline is the rules and the way you ride that category. For example, barrel racing is in the same category as western pleasure, yet is twice as dangerous for its speed and sharp turns, yet jumping and dressage are in the same category, but jumping is twice as dangerous as dressage. Either way any discipline of horse back riding(even just doing horsemanship) is extremly dangerous, cuz you are working with a 1,000 pound animal that you need to cooperate with or else the horse could take it’s anger out on you!! Oh and I really don’t think that jumping without your stirrups is all that impressive… I am very young yet I have been told that for my age I am an awesome rider and ever since I was 7 years old my trainer never let me go up to a harder and more difficult level of jumping or even just in genral, riding, without first mastering it bareback and without stirrups. I play hockey so this was an easy way for me to learn!

  22. Megan, i agree with u. altho my 1st trainer thought that people should learn barebak 1st and i think that helped me become a much better rider than i would’ve been if i had use a saddle 4 balance and support. now i can do anything barebak or with a saddle now. i hope the girl’s ok. she looked like she handled the whole thing very well tho:) she looks like a great rider!

  23. I think that I am going to have to agree with Megan and Brianna because I have learned how to ride without stirrups ever since I have ridden and bareback as well. Also riding is dangerous no matter what. And what you did was good.

  24. Wow! This is a great video! Love the song! It’s perfect for it:). She looks like she’s ridden this horse a few times judging by the way she handled Garcini when he acted up doesn’t she? This girl’s gotta have some serious leg muscles! It’s too bad she fell off @ the end. Great job though!

  25. I barrel race and i dont use a saddle some times , actually i would rather not use one, my gelding is so easy to hang on to, and i loved the video.

  26. She’s a VERY good rider! if she didn’t have an established balanced seat there is no way she would have stayed on much less continue jumping the horse! Kudoes to the rider!!:):)

  27. the “effects of the bit” one was just hard to watch. i hope none of us on horse channel ever do anything like that to our horses, trust s key. i believe in having my horse obey because she wants to, not because she has to. i hope you all agree. <3

  28. She is obviously a great rider, but if I’m incorrect, haven’t we all learned from the start to be able to pick up our stirrups at any gait? She did a great, great job though. I like to jump w/o stirrups to gain balance and leg strength too.

  29. Great job rider for holding it together! Not many would have been able to jump without irons let alone stay on during bucking but you made it through it all and did what you came to do! Amazing rider!

  30. i am horrible horrible horrible at rding without stirrups, and consequentially terrified. if that was me, i would have been on the ground for sure! she did an excellent job!

  31. amazing rider. i could never have done that.i would have been on the ground the second she went over the jump. she did such a amazing job.ecshpelly without sturups.strong amazing beatful horse. what is the riders name. she did such a good job.sorry about the fall at the end.wereyou hurt at all.i hope not.what place did you get.i bet you did good.

  32. Girls are the coolest riders!! Great job staying on while the bucking was going on i could NEVER be able to remain in the saddle during all that and you jumped without stirrups! Thumbs up for you
    Your horse just needs some more work.

  33. amazing!!! I give this girl some major credit! gorgeous jumper! i know how hard it is to jump 2-2’6 without stirrups…i can’t immagine this height though!!

  34. that rider is AMAZING, i never could have jumped 2’6 without stirrups but i think he knocked down the pole because the horse’s striding wasnt right. When u do that it isnt very comfy for the horse… or the rider, i have done that before lol. 🙂

  35. Wow!! I can barely jump with stirrups!! I envy this rider ALOT! ALso, her horse seemed way too energetic…I can’t believe she stayed on while he was bucking!!

  36. Wow! amazing riding. It’s all about memory in the muscles, nerve and not wanting to come off but jumping still? Whew! amazing riding.
    Three things:
    1 I feel sorry for the horse that he was pushed before he was ready especially because he has big potential.:(
    2 I think this girl missed her calling. She’s good enough to beat boys in bronco riding!:);)!!
    3 Say it again. Wonderful riding to bad she fell off. 🙁

  37. thats a very pretty horse hes very sporty…….maybe a bit too sporty for this rider but she still stayed on.

  38. WOW!!! Great riding! She had her hands full with this horse and she made it look easy. She’s got my respect and admiration for sure!

  39. This is awesome!! I know very little about jumping but it has always interested me. Jenny, I think you need to watch it again and watch her feet. they she takes them out of the stirrups about halfway through

  40. yeah i agree with u tiffany. and jenny u do need to look again bcuz wen her horse bucks she loses her stirrups n there flopping around. so shes gotta jump without them. that will b all.

  41. THIS GIRL IS A BAD ASS and she can ride-most would have been off after the first monster buck. She gives me courage to go out and ride & I realize how important it is to work without stirrups. Thanks so much for posting.

  42. She is so arsome for handling that situation,and doing such a wonderful job riding such a beautiful horse.hats off to her and God Bless you.

  43. Loved the vidio its so awsome i wached it like 100 times!!! The horse is beutaful and the rider is a really good rider. Jumping without stirrups! Wow amazeing

  44. What a great rider, after that first bucking spree and loss of sturrips to continue on and do so well! Shame at the end he did it to her again, and this time he won, she came off. Hope she was okay, this young lady has a good seat!


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