Featured Video: Riding in America’s Thanksgiving Parade


Two Thanksgiving
parades launched in 1924 and are still running today. The Macy’s
Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York is likely the most well known,
but we’re going to give the edge to America’s Thanksgiving Parade
in Detroit, Michigan. Why? Because Detroit’s celebration has

In this video from
last year’s parade, we get a rider’s view of what it’s like to
ride with a team from Meadow Reflections Farm of Howell, Michigan.
The riders are all mounted on American Saddlebreds decked out in
silver parade tack and Christmas-themed accessories. As the parade
route goes on, the crowds get bigger and the atmosphere more
boisterous, but these equine pros have no trouble handling the task
at hand.

According to a
recent article from LivingstonDaily.com, the Meadow Reflections group
will be back in the parade this year, led by the flashy pinto
Paddyngton’s Mark of Distinction, called “Marcus” around the
barn. Marcus is a champion in the parade division on the American
Saddlebred show circuit, but is likely best known for his Breyer
model, which was the 2014 Store Special at Breyerfest.

So if you need a
break from the giant balloons in that New York parade, or from
cooking, or from your family’s political arguing, tune into
America’s Thanksgiving Parade on Thursday. A list of TV stations
around the country that will be showing the parade is available at

Leslie Potter is a writer and photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky. www.lesliepotterphoto.com


  1. Awesome, always loved the horses in the parades! As a matter of fact, did a few parades myself back in the mid 70’s with my AQHQ horse Waggoners Bum, beautiful palomino all decked out in black and silver tack!

  2. So looking forward to watching the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade, as that’s all I get on my TV channels. But it’s still horses!

  3. Well disappointed, didn’t see one horse in the Macey’s Day Parade yesterday! But then again, I wasn’t able to watch the entire parade!


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