Featured Video: Sharing Snacks


Even the kindest horses don’t typically part with their food, much less deliberately give it away. That makes the handsome bay in today’s featured video that much more exceptional.

This video circulated the internet a couple of years ago and is making the rounds on Facebook again this week. And why not? It’s pretty adorable. If anyone knows the original source and can confirm whether or not this bay horse is always this generous, send us a note.

Horse Sharing Hay

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  1. Very cute! But I’m thinking he’s bedded in straw, as by the color and texture of it. But generous of him/her never the less.

  2. You might be right, Marion. In which case it’s less generosity and more of a prank. “Hey, try this hay. It’s reeeeeally good, I promise!”

  3. How cute! But the Gray is bedded on shavings, and the bay is bedded on straw! I think she’s trying to give it away and wants shavings for her bed.


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