Featured Video: Slow Mo Racehorse


RacehorseA Thoroughbred at a full gallop is an impressive sight. To fully appreciate the strength and power behind that action, you’ve got to watch it in slow motion. That’s the idea behind this clip from the BBC’s Earth Unplugged in which a camera crew filmed a racehorse at up to 45 mph, then slowed down the footage.


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  1. Awesome locomotion shots of the action and the stress that these legs really take on. People who don’t own and just watch races to bet on them, should watch this to understand better how mis-steps can cause major problems for these young athletes.

  2. Loved it! Just look at all the movement involved in those tiny legs! This is one reason I don’t believe in racing 2 and 3 year olds!

  3. Agree with these two young ladies. So much stress is put on those tiny legs! Such a shame they are forced to run like this for the glory of big money!

  4. No, they are just babies racing at age 2 and 3 years old, poor horses. It should be a Law that you cannot race a horse until they are age 5 and over. They should be allowed to enjoy their young lives, but in the horse racing business who gives a dam, but their pockets.

  5. So young to be pushed like that! You can see the stress on the joints really well when in slow motion! This is why I don’t believe in racing at all!


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