Featured Video: Stallion Helps Filly Across a River

A wild horse does everything in his power to ensure a filly is safe. Screenshot via Becky Standridge/YouTube             

A herd of wild horses were residing at the Tonto National Forest in Arizona in 2012. They were grazing along the Salt River bank when another herd of wild horses came to graze on the opposite bank. As they do, youngsters in that herd began to play, sparking the interest of Champ, one of the stallions. He and others in his herd began crossing the river to get a better look. The current was strong, however, and it forced one of the fillies into the water near Champ, pulling her underwater briefly.

She panicked, and Champ appeared to go to her rescue, doing his best to grab her to pull her up. At first he couldn’t get a grip. The filly was swept downstream, but that did not end Champ’s attempts at saving her. He went after her, grabbed her by the back of the neck and helped her back to the bank, ensuring her safety. Watch:




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