Featured Video: Stephen Colbert’s dressage lesson


The sport of dressage took a good ribbing earlier this summer when Stephen Colbert featured it on his Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report. Since there’s no such thing as bad publicity, the dressage community embraced the satire and even invited Colbert to come out from behind his desk and try the sport for himself. He obliged, in typical Colbert fashion.

The Colbert Report
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A few thoughts on this video.

  1. Michael Barisone is a good sport.
  2. Some Colbert Report fact-checker should have noticed that the video identifies a half-pass as a passage.
  3. Colbert probably doesn’t realize how many aspiring dressage riders would trade a few fingers and toes for the opportunity to hop on an upper-level schoolmaster and experience the piaffe.
  4. Where on earth did Barisone get that tiara?

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  1. Funny, but Michael is one very patient man with that concrete cowboy! Got a big kick out of the fact he might have pee-offed himself! LOL!


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