Featured Video: Stuff Riders Say to Farriers


Stuff Riders Say to FarriersFarriers are the best. They spend their days traveling from one farm to another, never knowing what surprises might greet them at their next stop. They don’t complain when they have to sidle up to a mud-covered horse, contend with a mouthy pony or struggle with Bertha, the draft horse who doesn’t feel like picking up her feet today. Our dogs love them, they keep our horses sound, and they answer our questions. So, so many questions.

In the latest installment of the “Stuff Riders Say” video series from SmartPak, we get an amusing look at some of the odd questions and bizarre requests that farriers hear every day on the job.


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  1. OMG, poor farrier! Yes we all have a few questions, but most are not that bad. And I would never not be here or have a horse out if I knew the farrier was coming!


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