Featured Video: Surrounded by Ponies


YouTube user Rob’s Iceland Trip uploaded a simple-yet-fantastic video last week that has us booking our trip to Iceland. Rob (presumably) is standing in the middle of a field when a herd of curious horses surrounds him to check out what he’s doing. Maybe they’re wondering if he brought snacks. Maybe they like posing for tourist cameras. Maybe Rob just seemed like an interesting guy.

Iceland has strict rules about importing horses to the island. Basically, you can’t do it, so the stout, naturally gaited Icelandic Horse breed is the only horse in the country. Rob’s equine friends here probably aren’t wild; owners do turn the horses they aren’t using out on the land to graze in the spring and summer, then round them back up in early fall.

Icelandic Horses

We try not to play favorites here at HorseChannel, but we’ll admit that we think Icelandic Horses are among the coolest breeds out there. Read more about them:

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  1. No fencing and they don’t wanda away? You can see the house and barn off in the distance-probably the owners of this great looking herd!


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