Video of the Week: Teach Your Horse to Piaffe


The New Year is a time when we set goals and resolutions. For 2013, we recommend challenging yourself and your horse to learn a new skill. How about the piaffe? It’s easy with this simple technique from the clever folks over at Peak Rock Farm.

If you master this skill, you can move on to more advanced maneuvers. From the video comments: “For pirouette, swing carrot in a circle above your head.”

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  1. This video doe’s not show you how to get the horse to start to do the Piaffe when the carrot is dangled in front of him. There has to be something before this to start the process! And as for the do not do this at home. well heck home is the home of my horses!

  2. wow, thats one smart horse, starts doing a jig when you put a carrot right in is face!! must not know what a carrot taste like!

  3. I got the impression this was a bit of a joke…you can’t literally teach a horse to piaffe with just a dangling carrot. Good incentive though! We should use treats more often when we train our horses.


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