Featured Video: The Beauty of Senior Horses


It’s foaling season, which means you’re probably seeing a lot of adorable baby photos floating around. It’s also the start of show season for most of us here in the U.S., and lots of riders are excited about their young prospects or achieving new goals with their prime-of-life show horses. And while we love these youngsters, there is really nothing like a senior horse.

Older horses know the ropes. They may be opinionated, but they tend to be a bit more predictable than their younger herd mates, making them ideal trainers for green humans. Share a quiet moment with a senior horse, and we swear you’ll be a tiny bit closer to finding inner peace.

Habitat for Horses, an equine rescue in Texas, compiled this video of some of the twenty-somethings currently making a home at their facility. Does your barn have room for one of these sweet faces? There’s sure to be a wise old friend waiting for you at your local horse rescue, too.

Older Horses are Beautiful Too!

We all know that foals are cute but there is also beauty in the senior horse! Which one do you love most? (SWEET VIDEO!)

Posted by Habitat for Horses on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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  1. There is always something to be said about seniors, weather equine or human, we’re the best! And we love ya forever!

  2. Love our seniors! They are great baby sitters in the older years for both equine and humans! They hold a body full of knowledge!


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