Featured Video: The Girl and the Horse

A short film that captures what it's like to rediscover a childhood love.



This short (3 minute) animated film by British director Rebecca Manley speaks for itself. So we won’t tarnish it with an attempt to summarize its wordless brilliance here. But we will say this. We often hear from readers who rode horses during their youth, then drifted away from the horse world as they entered adulthood. Some have returned to horses and others aspire to do so, but they universally found that nothing could take the place of horses in their hearts. If that story sounds familiar, this film will resonate with you.


The Girl and The Horse


The unique style of The Girl and the Horse is a form of stop-motion animation done using sand on glass along with some photographic elements. You can find out more about the filmmaker on her website, rebeccamanley.com.

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  1. Very nice animation and so very real to us little girls who grew up loving horses! And still do in their late 60’s!

  2. Nice, sometimes we have those dreams as a child and they can’t be fulfilled till later in life! But if the heart is there, so will be the horse eventually!


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