Featured Video: The Return of Chicken Hat


Chicken Hat

Exactly one month ago, we met a horse named Rocky who had an odd friendship with a chicken at his farm. Was it a friendship, or was the hen using Rocky for his height? Or was Rocky using the hen to keep his head warm (and fashionable!)? It’s hard to know for sure.

What we do know is that a Quarter Horse named Hank shares a similar relationship with his avian companion, Pepper. What’s happening to the horses and hens of America? Are they plotting something? Should we be alarmed?


  1. I had a chicken like that. I called her CQ chicken quail, She used to bed down in my mare’s stall, that’s where she’d lay her eggs.

  2. Hey listen chick, it’s a little hot out here, do you think you could keep flappin those wings and create a nice breeze for me!


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