Featured Video: This Horse Has No Use for Fake Friends

Gypsy the horse makes her feelings clear about the imposter who showed up in her pasture.



Gypsy is a broodmare in Kentucky. Her humans thought it would be fun to introduce a small stuffed horse into the field. At first Gypsy is curious about the strange, non-responsive animal, but she figures out pretty quickly that it’s not going to be a worthwhile companion. So she does what some people probably wish they could do when they find out a friend is actually a total phony. She turns around, gives the impostor a super casual kick, knocking him to the ground, before walking away and moving on with her life.

The video was originally posted by Gypsy’s owner, Jenny Robinson, on Facebook before being picked up by ViralHog. Since the video made Gypsy a star, she has given birth to an actual, not-fake colt, who she seems to appreciate much more than the plush impostor who helped make her internet-famous. Congrats to Gypsy and all of her real friends!

If you want to see a story of a pony who appreciates his inanimate-but-cuddly friend, take a look at this tale of a foal and his teddy bear.

Leslie Potter is a writer and photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky. www.lesliepotterphoto.com



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