Featured Video: Tiny Pony; Big Jumps


This amazing photo caught my eye the other day as it recirculated on Facebook last week. This little pony is jumping higher than her own height, and with her legs tucked up so carefully, she looks like she’s levitating around this course.

The photo is from a year ago at the 2015 Royal Dublin Horse Show and the video above is from a 1.10m show jumping class at a show in May of that year. The rider, Rhys Williams is a successful pony rider in Ireland and the adorable equine athlete is PARC Lolita. Rhys was just 10 when this video was taken.

In an interview with Horses in the Morning, Rhys explained that he started riding at age 6 with his father, Adrian, as his trainer/coach. He received Loli as a Christmas gift in 2014, although she’s since moved on to a new rider in Denmark. Rhys lists American rider McLain Ward as his hero in the world of show jumping, and hopes to be an Olympian one day, too. I’d say he’s got a pretty good shot.

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  1. What an Awesome team! Love that pony, and a great color too, my favorite Palomino! This young man will be in the Olympics in another 8 years!

  2. Woo, what an amazing little powerhouse. Fabulous team, such great trust. clearly these two work well together. Thanks for sharing, love it..


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