Video: Adventures in Polo


Throughout 2011, the Horse Illustrated team will be trying different equestrian sports for the Test Ride column. In the January issue, Senior Associate Editor Kim Abbott had her very first polo lesson at the Bluegrass Polo Club in Lexington, KY. Watch some of the highlights from Kim’s lesson and learn how you can get started in polo with tips from instructor Ed Armstrong


United States Polo Association
Bluegrass Polo Club

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  1. I! hate polo!!! its bad for horses and riders and its plane out pointless why not play yourself then put the horse in danger!!!!(just my opinion!!).

  2. Pointless? Many polo ponies love to play polo and get excited when they hear the ball and want to run after it- just like jumping horses enjoy jumping, and barrel racers enjoy barrels. If your horse doesn’t enjoy what it is doing, it is almost impossible for the horse to excel. There are no more dangers in polo than in many other equestrian sports. It is exciting for both rider and horse, and I have seen many dressage horses improve immensely after playing a bit of polo.

  3. Tried Polo on my quarter horse back in the early 80’s, he was fine with it, I didn’t like the crashing and burning with those other riders!


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